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Remember Savannah Tours

"George McIntosh arrested for treason"  Lachlan McIntosh & the Politics of Revolutionary Georgia by Harvey Jackson

"George McIntosh arrested for treason"

St. Johns Cathedral was "totally destroyed" in the 1898 fire. 

Historical Souvanir Savannah Fire Dept. by the Fireman's Relief Fund Assoc. of Savannah

John Paul Jones: A Sailors Biography by  Samual Elliot Morison

John Paul "Jones"  commanded slave ships between Africa & the America's. Killed 2 men, 1 by flogging & beating the other by sabor.

Biographical Memorials of James Oglethorpe -  Thaddeus Mason Harris

James Oglethorpe and the Battle of Belgrade  page 7

Job Soloman African Prince saved by James Oglethorpe page 31

Oglethorpe was given 10,000 lb sterling  page 43-49

Many called him "Father" page 60

Tomo Chi Chi I no Christian page 164

assassination attempt page 195

Notes on On Dueling  Larenzo Sabine

Button Gwinnet dual

Archibald Bulloch by Joseph Bulloch

Archibald Bulloch Theodore Rosovelts ancestor

Bulloch Archibald President of Georgia  page 9

Archibald Bulloch and Button Gwinnet  President of Georgia

Mary Musgrove drunkin rage  

Historical Collections of Georgia by George White & Alpha Christian  Dutton

Fire of 1820 page 198

Savannah had the largest # of Free Men page 215

Niggers turned inside out = Irish people page 327

Savannah in the Old South by Walter J. Fraser

Tybee Road coast $1,192,766.56

Tybbe Island: The long Branch of the South p 153 by Robert Clucevich